IMPORTANT:  Bulk SMS and CRM Platforms are paid SEPARATELY.  YOUR PAYMENT HERE ADDS TO YOUR BULK SMS ACCOUNT.  SELECT “CRM SMS/VOIP PAYMENT” TO ADD FUNDS TO YOUR CRM SMS & VOIFONE INTEGRATED SERVICE.  Enter any amount you wish to add (minimum $25.00).  Please allow up to 12 hours for your payment to appear in your Platform and be available for use.  We apply the net amount received by our bank to your account, after deducting the debit/credit card processing fee assessed by our bank card processor.  Most payments are recorded and deposited in less than one hour.  Add funds (“Load” your account) before your funds are depleted.  Sending stops when your balance reaches zero.  Make sure you have sufficient funds for an entire campaign before sending! The fund you add here are also applied to your voice broadcast campaigns. Voice broadcast campaigns are very effective when used right.  You can upload your own recording or designate a digitized voice in our system.


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